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Data intelligence combined in

solutions for your business

Our solutions can be applied to:

Digital transformation is changing our lives and the way we do things. Existing products, services, business processes, and models, even complete industries, and their interaction with each other are subject to change or becoming replaced. In this context, the Internet of Things (IoT) sensor devices can be your 'windmill' that will lead to a competitive advantage in the 'wind of digital change'.

We provide you our digital ideas, process expertise, microelectronics, embedded systems, IoT,  cloud applications, and data intelligence combined in solutions for your business.

Our digital platform enables the integration of supply chain management systems and business network practices, to provide intelligence, security, and control of data in real-time, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in the processes, and providing unique customer experiences.

Intelligent packaging

Today 25% of the food of the world, billions in medicines, and millions of vaccines are lost every year due to poor cold chain management.

Billions are also lost in production capacity due to the lack of information regarding "when a raw material or a spare part will arrive".

Product theft and copies account for trillions of damage for the industry.

You can solve these and other challenges by making your packaging intelligent with us.

We answer all your questions!

"The innovations of the IoT world are bringing us closer to a revolutionary experience towards the Internet of Humanity. As Extheria, we focus on the development of integrated solutions for our work teams and customers, where security, trust, and real-time communication are part of our digital experience. We don't get better by counting the steps, we get better by taking them"

Tel. +49 160 3675352
Bahnhofstraße 35a, 79206
Breisach am Rhein | Germany
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