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Our partnership program addresses complementary offers to our current portfolio (branded or as white label) in our current markets.

  • Access to Europe with 23% of global IoT spending, which is estimated in €664 billion in 2019 and growing to €891 billion in 2022

  • Access to German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) in local language 

  • Startup networks and Investors

  • Customer contacts and solution bids

  • Online sales from EU local stocks

  • Research and development budgets and collaborations

  • Co-marketing in European fairs, Webpage, and social media

  • Logistic and supply chain capabilities

Now you can add value with us!

Why do we search for partnerships?

  • We believe in open ecosystems where end-customers benefit from IoT solutions made up of the best-of-breed devices, connectivity, data platforms, integrations, and user applications

  • Collaboration with partners is an integral part of our growth strategy​

  • We love innovation and help companies with new technologies to get developed and promoted in our markets

  • We offer you our customer knowledge, technology integration, and cross-selling capabilities for your company to access Europe (focused on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland but not exclusively)

our cooperation includes:


  • Market analysis

  • Company/ Product /service introduction

  • Customer /technology Scouter's management



  • Contact to universities and research centers

  • Cross-fertilization with other technology companies



  • Introduction to Potential investors

  • Direct equity investment 


  • Local representation

  • Logistics and financial services

our partnership process:

 Business alignment

 Process alignment

 Target alignment

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