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Intelligent IoT solutions


tracking solutions

Keeping an eye on things 


Idea discovery and management

Extheria combines deep business knowledge with new technologies to support you in analyzing ideas to improve your industrial processes and find the best and economical way to realize them.
Additionally, with our IOT experience, we can help you to identify additional potential in your value chain to maximize returns. 

 Solution design and implementation

Once we have defined the idea and scenario of opportunity in your business, we formulate a technical solution, with strong technology partners such as Vodafone, Swisscom, Google, and Microsoft Azure.
We combine for this our IoT sensor, printed electronics, low power networks, blockchain, and cloud computing applied to generate value to your business proposal.

Support and life cycle

We offer you the support and maintenance of our solutions, releasing you from cumbersome technical topics.

Furthermore, as technology evolves at a very high path nowadays, we offer you the required upgrades as well as idea generation workshops based on new developments.

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Partner with us:

We are looking for collaboration with partners as an integral part of our growth strategy. We believe in open ecosystems where end-customers benefit from IoT solutions made up of the best-of-breed devices, connectivity, data platforms, integrations, and user applications.

We are happy to hear about your ideas and products 

We love innovation and help new technologies to get developed and promoted in our markets.

We offer you our customer knowledge, technology integration, and cross-selling capabilities for your company to access Europe ( focused on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland but not exclusively).

Are you interested to learn more? Just give us a call (Beside German and English we also speak Spanish, Portuguese and Italian if better for you)


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"One of the biggest problems in supply chain management is the lack of visibility and control once materials have left the site or warehouse. This leads to billions in losses due to missing or damaged products. Our solution allows you to be in constant contact with your product anytime, anywhere, in near real time and in an economical way".  Guillermo Fumero, CEO of Extheria.

Tel. +49 160 3675352
Bahnhofstraße 35a, 79206
Breisach am Rhein | Germany
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