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The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is generated by new technologies that allow billions of things to be connected, everywhere and at any time, opening new opportunities to deliver superior customer experiences, high efficient and automated processes and new revenue streams.

But this is only possible if economic and physically viable solutions can be offered to convert objects into digital images able to communicate in an intelligent way with us and among them 

Extheria offers complete  IoT safe solutions for this digital transformation. We connect not only machines, big and small devices in a highly secure way, but also modern technologies and services in an integrated IoT stack. We guide our customers in integrating solutions where processes, hardware, software, and services are designed and combined to generate the highest return to their business.

Here are the basics of our IoT solutions:

1 Sensor

Collecting data

2 Connectivity

Sending data to cloud

3 Data Processing

Making data useful

4 User Interface

Delivering information to user

We have created small-size energy-autonomous intelligent cells (microelectronic parts) that integrated into any object to enable us to be in contact to it, identify it electronically, provide a location, and sense temperature, pressure, movement, light, and more. They are intelligent, able to make basic decision and save small information pieces.
Our cells communicate bidirectionally with us through global lOT networks of our partners (Vodafone and Swisscom among others ) selecting the best energy-efficient technologies available where they are and building a neuronal backbone of objects in constant communication.
Our bidirectional capabilities allow transmitting data of the sensors and receiving instructions and updates remotely.
Since our cells can also interact with the electronics of the objects they are attached to, they can read and transmit any parameters and providing remote control of them wherever they are.
The location or any other parameter of the objects can be displayed in any Browser or Smart device
Our user interfaces can be customized and  allow to interact at any moment changing frequency of connection,  SMS or email alarm values and who receives them ( human or machine) or acting as remote control of any object 
All of this can be offered fully pay peruse, to ensure a very low entry point for the technology. You can turn the cell on and off remotely, and only pay cents per day when you use the cell capabilities or buy the solution 

All data of the cells are transmitted to our own cloud applications, a learning brain using the power of data management and AI of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure where we can combine IOT data of objects with any other data in intelligent and self learning algorithms

We answer all your questions!

Extheria as your solution developer! We help you grow your business by deploying tailored IoT solutions. Asset management, supply chain visibility, avoidance of losses, counterfeit, damages are some examples of what we can help you achieve. Get in touch and we will be happy to think about creative solutions together with you". Product Manager for Industrial Applications at Extheria.

Tel. +49 160 3675352
Bahnhofstraße 35a, 79206
Breisach am Rhein | Germany
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