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We give things the power of identity, autonomy and senses.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We have created energy autonomous intelligent cells (small microelectronic parts) that integrated to any object enable to sense location, temperature, pressure, movement, light and more, they are able to make basic decision and save small information pieces.

Our cells communicate bidirectionally with us through the global lOT networks of our partners (Vodafone and Swisscom) selecting best energy efficient technologies depending where they are. These networks build a neuronal backbone in constant communication.

All data of the cells are transmitted to our own cloud applications, a learning brain using the power of data management and AI of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Geräte und Daten schützen
Führen Sie strenge Sicherheitsstand

All of this is fully pay per use, to ensure a very low entry point for the technology. You can turn the cell on and off remotely, and only pay cents per day when you use the cell capabilities.

We are a team of very experiences supply chain managers, digital entrepreneurs and technology partners.

We are convinced that our concept, our technology and our business model is unique.

Extheria "we connect internet to everything"

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