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The potential of IoT-enabled asset tracking is enormous.

Whether your devices are monitoring fleets of vehicles, locating containers, tracking stolen goods, or detecting changes in the environment, IoT asset tracking provides the tools to dramatically improve efficiency across a wide range of industries.

Our DC SOLO tracker has been developed in collaboration with our engineering partner Miromico, with the highest technologies available for localization and connectivity for energy-efficient IoT solutions.

The device includes a Lora and NB-IoT communication module, a GPS receiver, a 3-axis accelerometer, as well as, other types of sensors that open up a range of application areas. The standard housing offers different configuration options, which make the device compatible for industrial and personal use, mounting on pallets, devices, or on the wrist.

Among the most important general features of our IoT tracking device are the following:

Permanent connectivity

Data that provides useful information on asset location, temperature, functionality or any other metric your devices track and can be sent reliably and continuously from any location

Durable, future-proof connectivity

For tracking devices that operate in the field for many years - even on battery - our technology allows connectivity to be tailored to be energy efficient and last a long time.

Data and analytics

Our platform and integrated work with our professional team enable us to ensure you get accurate, reliable, real-time data that can be used to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive security

With devices that record the location of high-value assets, our technology provides you with the assurance that connected systems are protected and data from those devices is transmitted securely.

Bi-directional communication

Or digital cells can be remotely configured and updated wherever they are, and if connected to other devices, allow basic control of them

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