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The Benefits of IoT Partnerships.

Updated: May 6, 2021

The IoT market is in a phase of expansion and development, which challenges solution providers to remain relevant as requirements and outcomes are constantly changing. In this context, knowing how to consolidate IoT partnerships is a critical strategic skill that can make the difference between staying relevant or going out of business.

The partnerships that we at Extheria propose, allow IoT solution providers to accelerate their expansion in the German or Swiss market and strengthen networking between Latin America and Europe. We seek to enhance the capabilities and features of the solutions.

Partnerships are critical to the successful development and adoption of IoT, aligning solutions with the platforms and ecosystems that matter to customers.

Supply chain

To develop partnering as a core competency, Extheria offers a simple and practical model that encompasses the three components of a partnership: what you partner for (type of partnership), how you work with each other (partner relationship) and the scope of your engagement.

Currently, we are working on the planning of intelligent packaging projects, container safety conditions, among others. Do you want to know more about the advantages that partnering with Extheria can bring to your business and your company?

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