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IOT in the energy transition.

Updated: May 6, 2021

The transition to renewable energy sources is a reconnection between man and nature. When we generate energy by burning fossil fuels, or by fissioning nuclei in a reactor, we can have the energy at the exact moment we need it. All we must do is accumulate enough fuel.

Now, as we return to thinking of wind, sun, and water as our energy sources of choice, we are faced with a major challenge: They have their own rhythms and are not always available when we need them.

IoT energy

In the other hand, with the shift towards renewable energies, it becomes unthinkable to continue with the same scheme of large power plants generating hundreds of megawatts that supply entire towns and neighborhoods. Rather, we are now thinking of centralized generation: "Small" solar parks, windmills scattered in the landscape, small dams and even a few solar panels on the roof of a house are the power plants of our era.

Extheria DC Master and Extheria Intelligent Cloud allow to connect generation and consumption in real time saving millions in the total cost of Energy.

The applications are endless:

  • Power generation forecasting

  • Plant automation

  • Power grid management

  • Consumption control and synchronization

  • Control and synchronization of decentralized accumulation of energy in hydrogen.

The world of renewable energies presents new great paradigms, the reconnection of man with nature, a new world much more interconnected.

Extheria offers new digital solutions for this world, the world of today.

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