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How Intelligent IoT can help to reduce food wasting:

Updated: May 6, 2021

As per statistics of the OECD, the world population will grow in the coming 10 Years by 10%. This means that additional 800 Mio people will need to be fed in an environmentally distressed world with limited resources. This is as much as the complete European Union and US population together and can only be possible if we find a way to be more productive in our food generation and eliminate as much waste as possible in the food chain.

Under the principle “what does not cost, is not appreciated”, comparisons between countries show that the amount of food waste is inversely proportional to the percentage of the income that the average population needs to spend in food.

According to the food waste society of Switzerland, 28% of food is lost in that country, while in Cameroon this is down to 5%. And those losses are mainly in the agriculture (20%) in the production and distribution (35%), in the supermarkets and other selling points (10% ), in the gastronomy (7%), and by any of us at home (28%!).

Reduce food wasting: IoT Solutions
Reduce food wasting

Our intelligent IOT solutions can help to reduce this waste by sensing and controlling temperature and humidity along the complete chain, extending the real minimum shelf life of many products by keeping them always under ideal atmosphere conditions.

Furthermore, our technology in intelligent packaging combined with our intelligent food conditioning home stations solutions can also tell consumers what products they have at home and their calculated shelf life, avoid overbuying and create together with other applications a healthy menu plan tailored to each household.

At Extheria we work together with several German research, technology centers and Bio farmers solutions in the development of this type of issues that are so critical for human beings.

It is not only about the estimated 600 USD that each of us is wasting every year in not consumed (wasted) food at home, but mainly about providing anyone in this world the chance to be fed with what today is wasted.

Are your interested in Intelligent Packaging and IOT controlled supply chains? Contact us to learn more.

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