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Boosting the performance and security of everyday processes.

As the IoT industry evolves, it is giving rise to a new era of highly sophisticated applications. Many of these innovative applications are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time to deliver superior insights and capabilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

For example, with the development of technologies such as our "SOLO or DC Master", surveillance and monitoring systems are empowered to detect and recognize objects, people, and animals in real time, and identify threats and security breaches.

Security in the transportation of industrial and pharmaceutical supplies is another area where secure, high-performance networks shine. For example, using an infrastructure enabled by robust, high-speed network switches, transportation agencies can monitor real-time traffic via sensors, even in sub-zero conditions and harsh outdoor environments. The solution also enables live traffic monitoring to provide ant theft solutions, optimize routes according to the cargo danger class, provide electronic locks which can be open only remotely or can act in future as electronic license plates to control traffic in low-emission zones or restricted areas for dangerous goods.

These examples of IoT in action are made possible by real-time access to rich data sets, through a high-performance, high-speed, and secured network.

Until recently, issues such as high costs, lack of enterprise-grade security, complex management tools and the environmental challenges of operating an outdoor network made widespread deployment of these applications difficult.

By offering a unique combination of performance, security and manageability, our technologies enable you to integrate security tools for your processes in real time.

Would you like to know what opportunities our technologies offer you and your projects? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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