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Intelligent sensors and actuators for cyber-physical systems (CPS)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Motivation / Application

In the waste management industry, manual, resource-intensive processes lead to high costs: container levels are checked on site and container services are informed by phone when a pickup is necessary. Logistics companies managing press containers often don't know where exactly the containers are located, leading to inefficient processes and container losses. According to industry estimates, 30% of volume capacity is lost unused because containers are picked up too early.

Digital Transformation
DC Master Extheria

Solution / Technical Realization

Extheria has developed an intelligent IoT solution for remote monitoring of fill levels and maintenance as well as localization of containers Extheria DC Master I. The adaptive system determines when a container needs to be optimally emptied based on oil pressure, electric current, temperature, humidity, waste type and container characteristics. The solution was implemented with the Extheria Master DC, an industrial IoT gateway. This is additionally capable of controlling actuators (in this case, compactor containers), collecting data from sensors locally, and performing the tasks of a conventional PLC (programmable logic controller), which brings significant

cost advantages.


Modularity and intelligent design of the Master DC I enable route optimization, predictive maintenance, integration with external management platforms and new business models. Even old containers can be easily and economically upgraded to keep pace with the modern waste management industry 4.0.

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