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IoT Case: Remote Management of Containers

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Technology is advancing at a faster pace than our industries can adapt.

This is the case with the press containers that are being used nowadays for solid waste management in a very big range of industries.

The service experience of the customers today is based on manual, resource-intensive activities. A person must regularly check the level of the container with a lighting system. The need to empty the containers is communicated manually by telephone to the container management company. In addition, logistics companies that manage the press containers do not know exactly where the containers are located, which also leads to inefficiencies in their processes or even container losses.

Digitale Transformation durch IoT-Lösungen
Digitale Transformation durch IoT-Lösungen

Extheria has developed a smart solution that allows informs remotely vie cellular and NB IOT, to the container management company, when the container needs to be emptied.

The system is self – thought, meaning it learns for himself, depending on sensed parameters like oil – pressure, electrical current, temperature, humidity, type of garbage and the intrinsic characteristics of the container when the container is full.

The solution was implemented with out industrial IoT gateway, the Master DC I, which at the time is able to control actuators and gather data from sensors, locally, doing at the same time, the task of a traditional PLC.

Additionally, when the container is retired by the management company, a built-in battery, allows to track them remotely, allowing fleet management and anti–theft with an autonomy of up to 6 months.

The options for the future of this application are enormous. Thanks to the modularity in design of the Master DC I and the AI and machine learning expertise of our partner, Integration Alpha: Route optimization, predictive maintenance, integration with external management platforms and new business models are possible.

Furthermore, using Extheria technology old containers can be upgraded easily and economically as well!

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